Motivational Seminars/Workshops

Empowerment session & Sanitary Pad Distribution at NGO -"Sweet Home Girls Ashram"

🌟 Engaging with Empowerment: A Day at “Sweet Home Girls Ashram” 🌟

Spent a fulfilling day at “Sweet Home Girls Ashram”! It was truly heartening to engage with these bright young minds and discuss avenues for their career development.
Beyond career guidance, it was essential to address their basic needs. We (In colaboration with Naya Ehsaas Foundation) distributed sanitary pads, fostering health and hygiene among the girls. Every effort counts in supporting their journey towards empowerment and dignity.

Some Glimpses of the session

Exciting Encounter: Connecting with Literary Icons/Authors

🌟 Exciting Encounter: Connecting with Literary Icons! πŸ“š
I had a meeting with two literary luminaries recently! 🀩 During a business meeting, I had the engaged with Mr. Akshat Gupta, the author behind the captivating book “The Hidden Hindu”. His insights and perspectives illuminated our discussion, offering profound insights into his literary journey.
Moreover, I had the pleasure of meeting the illustrious poet and shayar of our generation, Farhat Ehsaas Sahab. His words resonate deeply with countless admirers.

A poetic evening with the founding team of Naya Ehsaas Foundation.

Invited by Naya Ehsaas Foundation as a chief Guest in a poetic evening in the memory of Jaun Eliya

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